Download Notepad++ - Công Cụ Lập Trình

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Download Notepad++ - Công Cụ Lập Trình

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Download Notepad++ - Công Cụ Lập Trình

Trong bản Notepad++ có gì mới:

Notepad++ v6.7.9.2 new feature and bug-fixes:

  1. Fix JavaScript block not recognized in HTML document.


Notepad++ v6.7.9.1 new feature and bug-fixes:


  1. Fix Hanging on exit of Notepad++ issue (update DSpellCheck for its instability issue).
  2. Add "Google Search" command in the context menu.


Notepad++ v6.7.9 new features:

  1. Upgrade Scintilla to v3.56.
  2. Add Language and EOL conversion context menu on status bar.
  3. Enhance sort lines feature: Add lexicographic and numeric (integer and real) sorting with ascending and descending order.
  4. Add new feature which launches a new instance with administrator privilege to save the protected file.
  5. Fix the context menu not working problem after doing find in files action.
  6. Improve copy (to clipboard) in found results panel.
  7. Improve find in files modal dialog.


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