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Mã số karaoke WELCOME HOME (SANITARIUM) có mã số karaoke là 714028 (6 số california) thuộc mã số karaoke Karaoke Tiếng Anh, sáng tác bởi Nhạc sĩ: Khác . Bạn có thể dùng mã số 714028 (6 số california) để tìm kiếm bài hát trên karaoke 5 số, hoặc 6 số. Hoặc có thể bạn sẽ hát karaoke online trực tiếp TẠI ĐÂY ở phía dưới (vui lòng kéo xuống). Nó hoàn toàn miễn phí.

Mã số karaoke bài hát WELCOME HOME (SANITARIUM): 714028 (6 số california)


Welcome to where time stands still no one leaves and no one will
Moon is full never seems to change just labeled mentally deranged
Dream the same thing every night
I see our freedom in my sight
No locked doors
No windows barred
No things to make my brain seem scarred
Sleep my friend and you will see that dream is my reality
They keep me locked up in this cage can't they see it's why my brain says Rage
Sanitarium leave me be
Sanitarium just leave me alone

Build my fear of what's out there and cannot breathe the open air
Whisper things into my brain assuring me that I'm insane
They think our heads are in their hands but violent use brings violent plans
Keep him tied it makes him well he's getting better can't you tell?
No more can they keep us in
Listen damn it we will win
They see it right they see it well but they think this saves us from our hell
Sanitarium leave me be
Sanitarium just leave me alone

Fear of living on natives getting restless now
Mutiny in the air got some death to do
Mirror stares back hard
Kill it's such a friendly word seems the only way for reaching out again

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